Madelaine McCallum & Yvonne Chartrand at Third Annual Louis Riel Day (photo by Chris Randle)
Monica Trejbal, Madelaine McCallum and Kat Single-Dain in Cooking It Up Métis (photo by Tim Matheson)
Fourth Annual Louis Riel Day Celebrations (photo by Chris Randle)
Photo: Chris Randle (TSF13 - Kat, Madelaine and Monica in the Cree Creation Story)
Monica Trejbal, Madelaine McCallum, Kat Single-Dain & Eloi Homier in Cooking It Up Métis (photo by Tim Matheson)
Louis Riel Metis Dancers at the Coastal First Nations Festival (photo by Tom Wiebe)


Company Artistic Director, Yvonne Chartrand, just finished up 2 weeks in studio creating new solo work Eagle Spirit. With the inspiring dramaturgical work of renwoned dance artist, Lee Su-Feh, Yvonne is exploring themes of death and rebirth in this contemporary dance work inspired by the passing of her mother. 

Yvonne and Lee will spend another 2 weeks in studio in January 2015 when we look forward to inviting you to a studio showing of the work. 


All members are invited to our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday September 17, 2014 at 5:30pm in the Simon Baker Room at the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre. 

Not a member yet? Come anyway! There will be a sign up sheet to become a member and to start receiving information about our company's activities. 

Pizza will be served at 5:30 and stay for the dancing directly after the meeting!